About the Author

Full time Housewife. Hands on to the needs of my husband.

Dedicated Mother. I am mother of 3.

Loving Sister. I bond with my sister and brother

Loyal Friend. I am transparent. I can be your friend as long as you are true to me.

Renewed Obedient Daughter. I love my mom and dad and my inlaws.
I obey and treasure them.

Health Conscious. I do not eat rice, do not drink softdrinks and coffee. I exercise and monitor my weight.

Christian. I believe that without Christ. I am nothing!

Travel. I love to travel and go to places. I have my signature pose, please refer to my picture above.

Organized. I clean up everything and throw things unused once in a while. I dislike clutter. I list all the things I need to do since I am ....


We only live once, then live it balanced, worthy and DOCUMENT it!!!

I blog to share my thoughts.

If you want to contact me kindly free to leave a comment below with your contact details and I will get back to you!!

To God be the Glory!


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