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Recipe : Espasol

Espasol is one of my many favorite Filipino Delicacie, every time we visit Laguna or Tagaytay I will not miss a chance in buying espasol, but it is just too disappointing when they sell it covered with more of paper less espasol.
I did not realize that it is so easy to make my own espasol, if this is one of your favorite read through my blog posts, comment and you are welcome!!
Ingredients : 
Glutinous Rice Flour Coconut Milk Evaporated Milk
How to cook:
Toast the glutinous rice flour until brown, set aside keep 1/2 cup to use for toppings
Pour in coconut milk and evap milk together mix it well then put on the toasted glutinous rice flour  until the mixture reach it's right thick and dry texture.
In a tray pour in toasted glutinous rice flour then spread the mixture evenly then pour in the remaining toasted glutinous rice flour  as toppings.
Let it cool. Slice it evenly and it is ready to serve!!
Yummy, affordable and easy to make!

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