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Hotel and Resort Review : Chateau Royale, Nasugbu Batanggas

We had our quick getaway in Chateau Royale, located in Nasugbu Batanggas, we booked a room by calling the resort while on the way to the place since we need a place to stay for a night while in Tagaytay for a short relaxation sesh with family.  It is my first time staying in the resort and for the moment I really loved the place instantly, I am meaning to book again for a next visit but our schedule is too tight to squeeze for another staycation anytime soon.

The resort has a lot to offer for a whole day fun since there are a lot of activiites to fill in the day, we stayed in the pool wave which is available every 30minutes, kids and adult with kids at heart will surely enjoy getting a floatee for a minimal fee, definitely worth it  since we had a blast while on the floatee and the waves started to kick in we were just like kids again.

When Mr. Sun started to glare up and it is unbearable, we headed to the indoor pool, just to warn you the water is cold but still managable we dip in …

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