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Hotel Review : Waterfront Insular Hotel

On our 3rd day, we transferred to another hotel where we will be close to Samal Island because that is where our Itinerary planned on that day, we booked at Waterfront Insular Hotel.

In the hotel facade it really looks outdated however it is still well maintained, the room is not well lit, our room access door was not working, a technician came over to fix it for us. Since the hotel is big, when we request for water it will really take a long time to deliver. My mother who was a senior citizen was not happy with the hotel since there was no elevator she have to climb up the stairs to reach our room that is on the 2nd floor.

You need to call for a grab service to reach at the main hotel entrance since it is going to be a long walk, so the hotel location is not accesible to the outside world.  However if you are really looking for a serene and quiet place then Waterfront Insular Hotel is a good choice for you. What I really like about the place is their pool, it was a salt water pool a…

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