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Celebration : Surprise 70th Birthday Party for our Queen Mama

23rd of April is a special day that my sisters, brother and I will never miss for the world!
It is our Mama's 70th Birthday, we wanted to make it memorable for her, for all of us. So we decided to prank her by playing dumb and numb and to dub it as just one ordinary day... (totally fresh, right? Lol) I even had to play sick. Gar...
Anyway, we planned, prepped here and there for almost 2 months and then alas, came the 23rd... Whew! It was all worth it, when she got to the venue, the only one surprised was her! It was epic, one for the books, something I would recall for the rest of my life... She fell to tears and was pleasantly blushing and smiling ear to ear.
She was surprised to see everyone there, zumba friends, churchmates, family, friends, her best friend, grand children, and of course us her children. Thank you so much for celebrating with us our Mama's 70th year of existence! We cannot thank you enough for gracing our occasion all the way from the north.
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