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Bridal Shower at Mulberry Door by nawwty kitchen

As my mareng sissy is getting hitched, 4 days before the big day, her sweet sister prepared a Bridal Shower for her they chose Mulberry Door by nawwty kitchen located in Burgos Circle in BGC, date and time was set, and I am exicted to go!

My mareng sissy, her bff who is also one of the bridesmaid, and her ever sweet sisiter was already there taking photo since the place was really an instgram worthy, we did not have any games since we saved all our energy with endless chitchat and laughter and of course vlogging the event since the bride and her bff are both vlogger.

Then the order came all of the food was definitely taste bud filling.

Bridal shower at it's most intimate way, no dramas and no blah blah just chillin out with your closest friends is definitely in and for that it is a yes for me!!

I bought a gift for my sissy, which I ordered online at Boudoir Shop, the moment I was informed about the bridal shower event I contacted Boudoir Shop via FB and I was just so happy that th…

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