Celebration : Surprise Thanksgiving for Hubbys 41st Birthday

When my hubby's birthday fast approaching, I decided to celebrate it with Thanksgiving for the good results of his medical check up recently. We are so thankful for God's grace and favor to our life and it only deserves to give thanks to our Lord!

In a short notice I invited my inlaws and pastor's family to come join us celebrate my husband's 41st Birthday. It was a surprise because at the same day I cooked food for my husband's colleague so he did not notice that I am cooking something for a dinner Thanksgiving Party for his birthday.

When he arrived from work, we are waiting in the garage that I set up for a small gathering. He was surprised seeing our Pastor and his wife to celebrate with us.

We had a fellowship, faith sharing and gave a short message for the celebrant, at the same time it was my inlaws Wedding Anniversary so it was a double celebration and double the Thanksgiving!

To God be the Glory!


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