Celebration : Debut Party @ Vivere Suites

My niece celebrated her 18th Birthday at Vivere Suites GrandBall Room, it was spacious and elegantly decorated, set up were all glammed up and guests are all dolled up. 

The perfume souvenirs, photobooth with mug printed photo are so lit!

My neice whom we call Barbie is now Genny with her friends, she opened up the party by a welcome song, where he sang live all the way to the stage, she also had a dance number and another Korean song number to entertain the guests too well.

The host was also talented who sang songs for us while the celebrant have to change gown from another gown!

Girls guests are told to wear blue while guys have to wear coat and tie were we all obliged.

After the party we checked in to the hotel, and Vivere even the hotel has been standing for too long never lost it's glory from service to food where we had our lunch in The Nest was also the best not to mention the wonderful while dining!!

We had a morning dip their pool is not too cold and I was able had a quick swim before checking out!!

Overall the party was glamorous and the hotel is worth coming back!!


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