Boracay Getaway (2009)

Boracay Getaway (2009)

We had our company outing in Boracay, and stayed there for three days(spell generous boss), we are group in batches and I am in batch 1, we left Manila at around 10:00 AM arrived Boracay at about 12:00NN just in time for lunch.

We had a Caticlan route, then via van we went to the pier, than rode a shuttle towards the hotel. Boracay is a place to relax and spend, but in my situation everything are all free and that is the best part.

We stayed at Grand Boracay Hotel, Breakfast and Lunch Buffet are the best, our dinner was by the beach and drink-all-you-can party afterwards. Our company also holds a bikini competition and program on our 3rd night.

1st day, we had our team building, then most of the time are for leisure.

2nd day, Our company also holds a bikini competition and program.
We had our Island Hopping which is also free by the way, swim until we got all tanned. We walked from Station to another, enjoy the white sand, party all night, fire dance picture and the famous Boracay Sand pics.

3rd day, was our departure as early as 5AM we have to leave the hotel to catch up for our flight since the travel from the hotel to the airport takes time.


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