Our Palawan Trip

This is truly a late post since we had our trip way back September 18-21. Hubby and I had a blast in our trip. From our 1st day City tour, 2nd day in Underground River, and our Last day in our Honda Bay Island hopping. It was our first adventure together, we really had fun. We met new friends since it was a group trip, and we will never forget it.


We were too early for our flight so we were still able to take some pictures while waiting for our flight.

As soon as we arrived Puerto Princessa representative from Lola Itang is already waiting for us. Then a bit of city tour briefing while towards our hotel.

Then, we texted our contact for City Tour, and came over to our place to fetch and brought us to the nearest restaurant where we can eat lunch and just relax a bit getting ready for the exciting and busy day.


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