Sofitel Spiral Dinner Buffet

Our Sofitel Buffet dinner was a very fulfilling experience, all of the food can make me high most specially the desert since I have sweet tooth, I can replace desert with the main course..

Our first stop was at the seafood area, which I am not a fan of so I just took a few kinds of variety to taste, then since I am not eating rice, Pasta is what satisfies me, it needs to be cooked and so you have to choose and order which pasta you want and they will serve it to you hot and fresh from the pan.

Then our last stop but definitely not the least, the much awaited desert. it was heaven for me, and with the candy station..I don't want to feel full and I want to eat everything that I see.

When we were done with the very satisfying dinner buffet, we went out by the pool to relax and take some picture, the ambiance was really peaceful and just about right to take my tummy a rest that is really full and heavy..teehee


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