2013 : Goals

This year 2012, I posted my goals to accomplish, I can say I still miss a few things but I have improved I  must say.

This 2012, the list of accomplishments of my family are as follows:

My hubby went to London, United Kingdom for a one week business trip.  (January 2012)
Settled our finances with the materials of our house used for improvement. (January 2012)

Painted our house from primer now to a minimalist feel interior of our house. (February 2012)
My eldest graduated from elementary with awards (March 2012)

My 2yr house help resigned but was able to get a replacement (April 2012)

Had our Thailand vacation (May 2012)

My youngest went to school, her first time ever! (June 2012)

Installed Tiles for our Home Improvement project (July 2012)
YeY! Got pregnant to my 3rd baby (July 2012)

Our car maintenance (December 2012)

For 2013, I still have a lot of plans in mind and with the help of God, we will be able to accomplish it. Yearly, I make it a point that I improved and all God's blessings are all taken care of (our house, car, work, etc) to show that I am worth it of the blessings.

This 2013, my New Year goals are as follows :

Serve and give tithes to our church (God first before anything)
Spend more and more time with my kids and hubby (balanced life)
Save!Save!Save. I've been wise this year and I will make sure to be wiser this coming year in spending.
Home improvement and Car maintenance (regularly)
Health Watch (after giving birth, goal is to be fit)
Travel with family (want to have more vacation and travel this 2013)

Once again, I am going to do my best to accomplish everything, and as this early I am already claiming it!!!

To God be the Glory!!!


  1. Hi sis, nice goals. kayang kaya mo yan, :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by sis!!!yes, kayang kaya natin ito. Go for the gold!


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