My 34th Birthday

I celebrated by 34th birthday spent with my my inlaws and my family on a separate date. When I arrived my work my husband, kids and nephews gave me personalized birthday card and my hubby make me a poem(which I will be posting it in my blog too..). We went to church and hear God's message and making the additional year in my life more worthwhile.

Counting the candles in my bico birthday cake cooked by my sis in law

Celebration with my in laws

I cooked Pesto Pasta and my hubby cooked his specialty in demand chili wings and menudo.

Celebration with my parents

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At the day of my birthday we went to celebrate for our kids to enjoy it in Paradiso Terrestre Holloween Trick or Treat, they had so much fun while getting all kinds of treats.

After the trick or treat had a dinner with my in laws.

I am proud and blessed celebrating my 34th birthday with both of my family, the most important people in my life,  My hubby surprised me with his sweet gesture by making me poem.  


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