Rant : Two (2) Worst Service

I got my share of bo boos in choosing services or there is no other choice that is why we have them.  My 2 worst choices for really making my head ache monthly are as follows :

TOP 2 :
Smart Bro (Canopy)

Since Smart Bro merged or shall I say bought by PLDT our service have never been the same.  We often got disconnected service super slow internet connection due to this we have to call Technical Support to assist us in getting our connection back.  There were at least twice in a month that a technical support to go to our place to fix it.  Until there were leaflets distributed by a sales agent of PLDT Home offering faster service to us, and I explained to them that we are still locked in for a contract with Smart Bro, he explained that since the merging PLDT is now more focus with PLDT customer and that explains that Smart Bro customers are not getting the better connection. He also offered  that they will waive the disconnection fee once we get PLDT Home service which I decline, I no longer what any contract with my services since I am not really sure if I will be happy with the service.

The last string that really want my service to be disconnected when there were technician who went to our house for a repair, after that they took our cable wires (thick and important ones from UK) and was replaced by a local super thin cable. I filed a complain to bring our cable wires back that was one month ago but until now they have not given any action with our complain. We are going to formally file disconnection of our service and at the same time waive our disconnection fee and I am not planning to pay our last month bill to compensate our inconvenience.

Cignal Cable

This is the worst service that I can get, I would rather stick to old school antenna and throw that satelite away from our house since by far we are not getting the service we are paying for, and aside from not getting any connection when just a slow blow of a wind or few rain drops, or worst typhoon, when we needed the tv news the most.

Just before Typhoon Glenda visited us we no longer have our cable service connection we have been calling their techinal support and hear ye we have to pay 600php for getting visited by a technical support and to having it fix this is no one's fault but paying 600php for the third party tech support no way!! So we requested to waive the fee since this is the first time we are getting a help to fix this unknown issue, the supervisor agreed and so the technical support send us an SMS informing us that they will fix our connection, what a good news but hey it was 17th of July Typhoon Glenda struck our place and we do not have electricity, so how in the world can they check if the connection is already fine when there is no electricity, brilliant heh!! but they will go the next day but just so you know we do not have electricity for how many days so no matter it will not be of any help at all or is this intentional?

Another week, month has passed we have not pay our bill since by the way we are not getting any billing statement inspite of calling them a couple of times reminding them about that, and also no service at all.

This headache have been going for over a month now, advantage of not having them is lesser monthly payment. As for my internet connection we have our pocket wifi that we just load up may it be daily, weekly or montly good thing about this is that we do not have to lock our selves for a contract, and for our cable, we opted for an antenna which is way better since I am not really fund of watching movies or shows  in cable repeatedly. I mostly watch TV News.


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