2017 : Happy Valentine's Day

We had to celebrate Valentine's a day in advance, since hubby and I do not have work that time and kid's are in school, so we can sneak in a worth quality time and a date to celebrate Heart's Day together.

We dress to impress and we had our lunch date at Eduardo's Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken, upon entering the food place we noticed that their server were not too friendly and a bit unhappy when taking our orders, not to really break our romantic mood, then we just had to ride on her gruesome attitude since we are customers, we already took our orders only to find out that they have the same Valentine Promo for Couple deal so we have to cancel all our orders and replaced it with the Couple meal deal (if only she should have suggest it) where in we got Half Slab Ribs (definitely fall of the bone), Flame-Grilled Chicken(tastefull Perisian flavored from inside and out), Garden Salad 3 heart shaped rice (all for hubby) 2 glasses of iced tea. We love everything about the food just their service need to improve, just around the corner the girl who seem to be a supervisor the voice was so loud and very rude on how she treats the crew, then we concluded that is why the staff were unhappy serving their customers.

This is the second time we ate here and the food never failed us, so they should really work on their service.

After our lunch date, we had some hot coffee and donuts while we talk, laugh and plan together, this is what we do best!! Then our bonding will not complete without buying groceries, just to replenish our pantry stocks!

All in all, our date was a success just the thought that we were able to sneak time together was already a success, all our kids are daddy's girl so finding time together is a challenge.

Just to clear our conscience, the day before our date, our family together with our kids went to Tagaytay for a quick road trip savoring the windy and cold weather of the weekend, we went for a nice view while having french fries, chicken, coffee and ice cream (yes! ice cream the cold never bother us anyway!)

Of course hubby had  roses for me, my kids made their hand made cards, which they always give me every year!

Happy Heart's Day


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