Happy 4th Birthday Skye!

4years ago, my youngest was born, she was so fragile but when my inlaws was checking her while at the nursery room, they can tell how strong her personality was when she was crying while kicking and her sock fell off, then the name tag fell off on her face then removed it, so much happened and she was not even a day old, so she was strong and agressive.

Fast forward, she is still aggressive in a way she already knows her right, she knows what she want and she can aggravate your anger while not just after a few minutes she will make you realize like it was your fault, and that she is just being the 4 year toddler that she is, she can make sorry the sweetest word ever and i love you the cutest and sincerest word you can ever hear and her request for a tight hug uh! why did I ever get mad at her?!!

She is Moana, Elsa and Super Girl, when she is Super Girl she is really in character, really a good actor!  When you tell her to sing she will do it with feelings, and when she hear a song she dance along the beat, and oh! if you will take a picture of her, it is effortless, her posing just simply reflect and it looks good on her.

Her own posing

no one told her to do this

she strike a pose just like that!

Her Dab is quite different with us

She is the life of the party, one of the many source of our family's happiness.  She is our youngest, celebrating her 4th Birthday. Cheers to fanstastic Four!!

I love you my baby girl!!


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