Gift Wrap Using Recycle and Reusable Materials:

I have been an advocate of maintaining our environment still pollutant and garbage free as much as possible, if I can not do big things then I start with small things, like not throwing even a piece of garbage in the street, I also influence my kids, husband and friends to do the same.  We only have one earth, there is no such thing as  Earth A, if this fails to be a good habitat for us living things then we can always go to Earth B. We only have one Earth and this same earth we are living in today is the same place where our next generation will be living in.

Christmas is known to be the busiest season, and also by opening the pile of gifts from your loved ones means also the most garbage collected because of the gift wrapper, boxes and the like.

This Christmas we wanted it to have a waste free gift wrapping, I thought of something unique to wrap our gifts since the essence of gift wrapping is to surprise your receiver, but they unwrap it then just throw it away, I do not want to buy paper then become a waste after.

We have clothes that are still in good shape, we just have to give it away since we bought new sets and others really do not fit us. I thought of using it as Christmas wrapper, the receiver have the option to use it or use as a rug whatever they want to use it!

For our giveaways to kids as their lootbags, DIY souvenir bags, where they can still make use of it as a different purpose.

When I was in my kid's school party I wrap my kid's gift in a brown paper then wrap it with a string designed it with a tag. Reuse and Recycle.

I also noticed the venue is filled with gift wrapping all to be thrown out but the souvenir bags I gave them they bought it home! This means that it is an instict to human that papers are automatically considered as waste where as to cloth, they find other purpose of it before really throwing!

It was a success for me, definitely to those who will receive our gifts received two the gift inside plus the shirts!!

Merry Christmas!

Jesus is the reason for the season


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