Celebration : Skye's 6th Birthday

It was a last minute decision to have a house party for my youngest as per our baby girl's request she wants to a have a unicorn party, since we already have planned to eat out with my in laws and play in Tom's World to the kid's heart content, but since she wants to blow her cake, wear rainbow dress and be a unicorn on her birthday, and so I obliged!

I immediately plan for a Unicorn Birthday Theme Party for our baby girl, invited guests from our church and family, since they are all available  then I went on with the planning.  My husband is in full support, anything that makes his babies happy, then go!!

First, I invited our friends in church and families who were all confirmed their attendance!

Second, ordered a Unicorn Themed cake since this is only a week notice then I prioritized it because there would be an additional fee if it is a rush order

Thirdly, I prepared menu to cook.

Chicken Sotanghon Soup
Pork Menudo
Meaty Spaghetti
Creamy Chicken Pastel
Lumpiang Shanghai
Buttered Veggies
Grilled Bangus

Cake and Cupcakes

Fourth, decoration set up!

It was a house party but I want to make my daughter's party something memorable and different, I didn't have the normal parlor games but I had faciliated Kite Making activity with the kids with the supervision of their parents.

I prepared the materials for them and so they can bring it home!  This is also to instill our childhood days activities with the new generation!

It was fun all the more when they started trying their kites to fly high!!

Our youngest was the happiest on her birthday!

I Thank Jesus for choosing us to be our Baby Skye's parents!!


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