Celebration : Harry Potter Birthday Theme

I only have a week to prepare for my 2nd child who will be celebrating her 12th Birthday, she is an avid fan of Harry Potter, hence her birthday party theme.

We had our DIY Harry Potter Theme:

Platform 9 3/4
Sorting Hat
Griffyndor Tie
Daily Prophet
Most Wanted
Hedwig and the cage
Hermoine Amulet
Nimbus 2000
Floating Acceptance Letter

Harry Potter Cake
Harry Potter theme cake pops
Harry Potter Cupcakes

The DIY Harry Potter theme would not be possible without the help of my eldest and middle child, for the whole week I assigned them of what they needed to do and strictly follow the timeline for completiong and on the Birthday Party itself I am so relieved that we were able to pull it off.

Guests were happily taking photos on the Platform 9 3/4 areas, I will be making separate post on how to do the DIY props and decoration for the party for all of you Harry Potter fans for your next Birthday Party ideas.

The party consists of activity where they had to make their own wands and paint it and they are able to bring it home.

We had our own Quidditch version of game, where we have two rackets, cups and pingpong balls, kids have to make sure pingpong balls go through the racket hole and shoot the ball in the cup. Sound easy but it was really challenging.

Food we served are as follows:

Mushroom Soup c/o Jacq
Cheesy Baked Macaroni
Pancit Canton
Chicken Pastel
Creamy Pork Kaldereta
Grilled Bangus
Lumpiang Shanghai
Buttered Veggies
Pork and Chicken Sisig

Overall the party was fun, it was memorable for my 12 year old daughter because of her friends and our family who are able to attend and take their precious time in celebrating with us!


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