4-Day Itinerary in Davao City

I was born and raised in Davao City, when I was 15 years old way back 1994, was the year we transferred here in Manila and since then I have never been to Davao City again.

2019, my mom's 70th birthday and my brother and sister planned a trip to Davao City with our mother as a birthday treat for her!

Let me share our 4-Day Itinerary Trip!

I will be sharing in details of each places we visited, so please check up on my blogs posts!

Day 1

Arrival in Davao City : 08:55 AM
Went to my sister's best friend to have breakfast and lunch
Rent a Taxi for our City Tour Trip ended we travelled all the way up to BuDa (Bukidnon Davao)

Philippine Eagle
Malagos Resort
Dairy Factory

BuDa went to Bemwa Flower Farm (Good view and weather is colder than Baguio)


Eden Resort and Farm (Checked in)


Day 2

Breakfast in Eden Resort

Stroll around Eden Resort and Photo Ops

Checked Out

Marco Polo Hotel Checked in

Davao City Tour:
Magsaysay Park
People's Park

Back to Marco Polo Hotel

Night Swimming

Roxas Night Market

Day 3

Breakfast in Marco Polo Hotel
Photo Ops

Check Out

Insular Waterfront Hotel Check In

Went to Samal Island
Beach Bum

Went back to Davao City

SM Lanang for Dinner

Back to Insular Waterfront Hotel


Day 4

Breakfast at the Hotel


Photo Ops

Checked Out

Davao City Tour

Rent a Cab

Eat in Grilled Restaurant for Lunch

Lola Abon buy pasalubong
Bangkerohan - buy Durian
Visited our school - University of Immaculate Concepcion

San Pedro Church
Davao City Hall
Visited our relatives


Airport > back to Manila


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