Pancit Palabok

Ingridients :

Pancit Bihon 500grms

Sauce :

Shrimp broth
Ground Pork
Flour diluted in water
Achuete Powder diluted in water
Fish sauce
Calamansi extract

Toppings :

Dried Tinapa
Boiled Eggs
Shredded chicharon
Spring Onion

In hot water bring to a boil until melted the 2 shrimp cubes, as your shrimp broth.

Saute onion and garlic, then ground pork until brown, pour in your shrimp broth, then mix the diluted flour to the broth and together with the diluted achuete powder, then mix until thicken then put pepper to taste, fish sauce and lemon extract.

Boil Pancit Bihon to hot water until soft in texture.

This is the first time I cooked it and I admit it, doing the sauce is tricky since you have to estimate the amount of flour and achuete mixture according to the amount of your sauce, it should not over power the taste of  the shrimp broth and grond pork this is to balance the taste of it.

I intentionally did not add shrimp since I am allergic to it, you may want to add in your Pancit Palabok or the squid too.

My hubby and my kids love it, they even compare the taste of Amber's so it was a success!!


  1. This is it sis! Thanks for sharing.. :)

  2. Welcome sis!try it sure magugustuhan din ng family mo..hehe. Happy New Year!!!

  3. oooh, i love palabok, and im usually in the mercy ng house cook ko (hubby) ngayon I can make my own when im craving for it. Thanks for the recipe =)


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