Banahaw Heals Spa (Molino 3 Bacoor)

I had a massage experience in one of the nearest Spa in our place called Banahaw Heals Spa located in Molino 3 Branch, I got their :

VIP Accomodation : which includes

Foot Wash
5 in 1 Combo Full Body Massage (Swedish, Siatsu, Tuina, Hilot and Thai)
Netibo Healing
Hot Towel Relaxation
Banahaw Tea

I got the package for 350p since I am a non member, however if you want to get a membership for only 250p you will be able to get it for a discounted price of 250p for the VIP Accomodation Package. Members are also entitled to have an hour massage for only 100p for off peak hours which covers 10AM-2PM, while for 150p for peak hours during 2PM-11PM.

They also have the option for Family membership for only 500p, where in your immediate family members will also get a discount same as your self.

The place is serene, and you can really get a private place where in it is calm and quiet, staff are polite and you can not hear a lot of chatting where mostly I observed to other spa places.

Of course the massage was great, it was really relaxing and I was able to get rid of my body pains. I did not get the membership entitlement yet since I still did'nt know what to expect at first, but after the massage I was so sure that there will be a next time, and I will have to invite my hubby too.


  1. Going to Spa is one of the things that I want to do when I visit Philippines hopefully this year! Nakakamiss talaga ang Pinoy massage :(

  2. Wow sis.., i love spa din. I usually call for home service massage., Sa sweldo makpag pamasahe nga ulit. :P

    1. Me, too. I need another massage badly, soring back again!Enjoy your spa this coming payday!!!

      Thanks for visiting my blogs sis!wink!

  3. try the new Banahaw spa near Alabang Hills they just open last october 10 and their services are really good as well their therapist i enjoy going to that spa, the ambience is really quite and you can really relax. this is their fb account

    My officemates and I enjoys the service since they are new they have a lot of freebies like free membership card.

  4. will try this spa... i hope i wont get dissapointed

    1. Try it cause we are almost here every month for a nice massage,

  5. Want to try this one...May I know where exactly in Molino 3 is this? Thanks...^_^

  6. This is located in front of Jollibee in Gardenia, nice massage! I super need it now.haha


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