'Our Daily Bread'

 I have always been reading 'Our Daily Bread' book since the first day of the year, and I can say that it is very spirit satisfying, I make sure to read it daily,  as our body needs  daily food, shelter, clothing..for us girls we need to drop by to the salon for our weekly/monthly head to foot maintenance and so our Spirit needs daily food.

Yes,  we do pray when we wake up, before meals and before we sleep but when you read food for the soul, it is when you are constantly reminded on how to be very thankful of how Jesus saves us from our sins and that believing and trusing HIM making all our worry dissappear and having to read verses from the bible is our daily guide.

For whatever belief you may have, I encourage you to read something that will enrich your relationship to the Lord, this is for our eternal life.


  1. i always buy ODB but this year i forgot. hirap kasi humanap ng christian bookstore. =) btw, i've tagged you in this post http://www.myothernook.com/2012/03/liebster-award.html


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