Splash Island Outing

We bought a voucher for 5pax in Metrodeal for a Splash Island experience, we went there on a Sunday and since there was a promo going on, as expected there were a lot of people who went to take advantage of the promo as well.

We bought it 50% so instead of paying 500p we got it for 250p each ticket, we have our 5vouchers printed.

We ate our breakfast at McDonald's in Petron along SLEX, then we headed right away to Splash Island so we won't miss any fun.

We arrived Splash Island exactly 8AM, the cars are all lined up all the way to the parking lot only shows that the resort is full packed.

We parked our car for 35p parking fee, then went to the gate to exchange our voucher with tickets, the line was long but it was a bit fast.

Then we headed to the entrance gate, gave our tickets then we look for a table that we can relax after the busy line from the cark to the entrance, it was so hard to find a cottage that time, but we were able to manage to get a table in front of the pool with wave, our kids played with the yaya while I look after our things.

Splash Island was really full that day, and hubby and I was stressed the whole time, even before you can take a slide you need to go through a long line, and it was somehow a waste of time. The total meaning of fun was also wasted.

Come Lunch, there were long lines in their food court as in inside and out, noisy crowd and looking for a table to eat was all a mess. There were live bands singing along while we were eating, music was not that bad at all.

We were just able to bond at the River, when we just walked as a group, but the pool water was dirty and still full of crowd.

Then we went back to the pool with waves then played along the waves, hubby and I are trying to enjoy with our kids.

When we were done with the splashing, we need to clean up ourselves which is another problem since the shower room are also full packed..we lined up again, the shower rooms are dirty as well as the cr, the entirety of the resort should be immediately reconstructed, their resort maintenance is very poor, it doesn't even deserve for a 500p for fee, with all the hassles we went through, we should have settled for the resort nearby our place.

Overall, our experience was stressfull and too exhausting.  Well maybe, we took advantage of the promo on a weekend but they should have anticipated it, that certain day should be on a reservation  basis in order to control the crowd.

I have learned my lesson well, I should know how to forecast most especially when I am with my kids.


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