Tiles Installation

We installed our tiles, since we have limited budget when we had our house improved before we moved in so tiles were not installed yet, we used linoleum instead temporarily.

So what the contractor did it part by part, he started it in our Kitchen, then Living Area the next day, kids room and Master's bedroom on the last day.

Here are some tips so the house won't look to messy inspite of the improvement :

Arrange your stuff properly and orderly accordingly to where it is located and move it to another place
Cover your furniture and appliances since it is too dusty when they are cutting the tiles.
Prepare alot of foot rugs so the dust will not go to one place to another
Make sure to always wear your slippers.

Our breakdown expenses :

Tiles - 210 x 46 = 9,660

Cement - 11 bags x 203  = 2,233

1 Elf of Sand = 800

Grout - 4 x 40 = 160

Labor = 3,500

The contractor actually consumed alot of sand and cement due to our uneven floors, but all in all his estimation was almost exact in quantity.

I chose different designs for the kitchen, living area and rooms.

I love the outcome, and coordination of the tiles design in each part of the house.

Our next house project : Cabinet installation


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