Vehicle Registration 2012

We had our car registered for 2012. Same as last year we registered it a LTO Imus and let it handled by a "Fixer", there was no problem when we had it fixed last year we got our sticker for just two hour wait, but this year is different.

We went to LTO Imus at around 9:30 AM and have our vehicle registration processed.

What to Bring :

Last year Vehicle Registration papers and documents

Amount Assessed :

Emmission Test         - 400
Vehicle Insurance      - 900
Vehicle Registration   - 2950

Total Amount - 4,250 +

The fixer told us that it will take the sticker to be released in the afternoon, but when we went there in the afternoon still our sticker is not there yet, and we need to be back to get it by the next day, we already paid in full so we are really hoping that this is not a scam or something but I got their number and texted them the next day, but they have this reasons that the LTO was offline, the next day, it was Imus Holiday, then the following day still offline, got so pissed as we need to use our vehicle and our sticker is not yet released.

The day before it was a week of waiting, I asked for my dad in law's help since he knew someone connected inside LTO and asked to process it for me right away, went inside of the LTO office and complain the fixer, and we were told that this fixer is really getting alot of complaints. My dad in law's friend assisted right away and helped us released our sticker right away, in just 45 minutes of waiting.

Whew!This was an experienced that everyone should learn from, do not trust any fixer and do not pay them upront without any documents released yet.


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