Creamy Tuna Pasta Carbonara

Since it is a long weekend indeed, I cooked Creamy Tuna Pasta Carbonara for my family, I made the sauce just for about 5minutes, boiled the pasta as usual then mixed the sauce and pasta and there you go a special snack time for my family :

Ingridients :
Corned Tuna in Corn Flakes  (2 small cans) or (1 big can)
1/2 kl of Pasta noodles
1 can of Angel Kremansada
Bacon at least 1/4kl i
Bell Pepper
Half cup of pineapple juice or pinch of at least 3 lemons
Salt and Pepper to taste

Boiled the pasta until the texture is fine. then cook the sauce, Put on the butter in the hot pan then saute onion, garlic, bell pepper and bacon until golden brown, put in the Corned Tuna together with oil, since it is tuna so no need to really overcook it, just toss it in the pan, then pour in the Kremansada. I mixed the pasta and the sauce together before pouring the pineapple juice or pinch of lemon, this is just to normalize the taste since it may appear too sweet because of the cream. Then once pasta and sauce combined I pinched in salt and pepper to taste, then added chiz whiz spread all over the pasta to make it creamier and cheesier.

I was a success, since white pasta doesn't look like so appealing as the red meaty spaghetti for kids, but my 6yr old daughter loved it anyway.

In just around 7minutes I was able to serve it hot.


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