My Savings ATM card was debited!

This day started a bit of a hassle when I still reported to work inspite of my 11th month old baby have fever and occasional vomiting. When I arrived at work around 5:45 AM, I withdraw from one of the ATM of RCBC , the transaction was almost done when  the machine dispensed out my ATM card and the light was just flashing and blinking, then it shut down.

I called the attention one of the guards which by the way who was on his cellphone taking to someone, better be more important than my issue. Told the guard to kindly please check the ATM monitor since it was like rebooting and restarting at that time, after it restarted it went back to normal screen as if nothing happens. I heard that the machine counted the money ready for dispense but it just hang.

I panicked that time, I was taking to the guards he told me that there was no problem in their ATM as per one of the IT on duty he called, so I was explaining in a very high pitch note, telling them that if it was ok how come the screen shows error message that time.

I called the RCBC hotline and told me to wait until Chinabank hotline to open  to report at around 8 AM, but before 8AM as I am monitoring my balance, my cash was already credited back to my ATM accordingly, which makes me more calm.

My point RCBC bank has the authority to credit my money back but how come I need to wait for Chinabank hotline to report but before I was able to do the reporting SOP it was all back to my ATM, why do they have to do the run around to their customer?


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