Diet : Boiled Saging na Sabat and Boiled Egg Challenge

Struggling, yes this is the right word for me. I am struggling so hard to lose weight.  I lose weight then gain it back, it is so hard to diet and watch over what you eat when your family likes to bond a lot and go out of places just to pig out.

The bad part of my diet and so called losing weight dilemma is that I already tried losing weight before when last 6years ago I decided not to eat rice, drink softdrinks, I did it I lost my excess fats and went down to 108lbs, which is already OK for me.

I got pregnant, still I do not eat rice and drink softdrinks, then gave birth, still no rice and softdrinks but I still got my tummy  and bulging arms and I weight within 120lbs something as I am writing this.  Yes, 108 less 120 is just 12lbs to lose, exactly that is where the struggling word comes in.  Just 12lbs and I am having a hard time.

I am now listing the things that I do not have in order to start my Losing weight struggle:

1. Laziness - I always become too lazy working out, I have dumbells at home, I can do the burpee at any given time just except after eating at home.  I am just to lazy to jumpstart my workout and I always have my reason.

So starting today, I need to find time to squeeze in my work out time at least 30minutes a day to tone my muscles.

2. Discipline - I can not help myself avoiding sweets, junk foods, eating on time and eating healthy food. I need to start now, I always tell myself should have I started last March 2014 my work out and diet I should have my goal weight by this time. Again, the problem is myself, so consequence is going to our Boracay Summer get away with full body and everything stuck in my tummy, and oh my arms too..

3. Myself - When I started my diet in day1, my inspiration is myself, back to the days that I was able to loose weight, it happened to me thrice. I was able to lose weight without any help of slimming pills,  just me.  I inspire myself, I motivate myself. But my enemy is myself, when I eat small amount of sweet, I will unconsciously tell myself, I can eat it, it won't affect my diet, but it accumulates, and if I can not resist eating too much that is more that what my body is needed,  I would again unconsciously tell myself, it is ok I am not a model, I am not here to please them but after eating I felt so guilty.

I need to fight those struggles in order to let my thin sprit free, as for today I am ready to eat small amount, I am ready not to eat junk foods, I am ready not to eat sweets. I am ready to eat healthy!!

Last January 26, 2009, was the start of my no rice diet, up until now.

May 16, 2013, will be the start of my Banana and Boiled Egg diet.

I am hoping so hard for result and writing it here someday! Let's talk about pressure..


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    1. Thanks sis!! We can do this all the way with flying colors!! haha

  2. We're in the same boat - I was trying to lose just 5 lbs. in 2007 and gained 15 lbs more seven years later. The problem is I love dessert more than I do cutting calories...

  3. Lovely post and blog! :)

    Do you want to follow each other? :)
    xoxo ♥

    1. sure, followed you back and thank for droppin by!

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