November : Review. Accomplished

Yay!! This is the last day of the November month, tomorrow will be Day 1 for the month of December and it will only be 25 days before Christmas Day!

I am really excited all the more that my leaves were approved,  my shift schedule is just in time for the season!  We already got to book the hotel where we are going to stay for our road trip in Baguio, starting to prepare and made pre orders for the materials needed for my Christmas give away and listed out the things to do and need to accomplish early before the Christmas Parties arrived.

A lot of things we have accomplished for the month of November, but still a lot more to do come December, we are not even half crossing out our things to do list before 2015 ends.

This November, there were so many first time and I really enjoyed it balancing my time for everything.

First Week of November - I was able to join the #VPMidnight Series in Victoria Court where in hubby, me and my eldest were trapped in a room to solve mysteries and there were scare actors distracting and scaring us we were not able to solve the mystery but we were able to get out of the room (whew!) nevertheless, after that there were horror flicks enjoyed by the guests and free drinks and finger food to enjoy while watching, It was a first time experience and nice bonding with my family!

2nd week of November - Reserved and Plan for my husbands birthday.  Booking, Preparing. Confirmation. Orders for the Christmas Give aways materials. Finalize Layout for Printing. Christmas Decorations at home.

3rd week of November - APEC week also our vacation week, We went to Batangas with my In Laws and celebrate my husband's birthday in a resort where we can breath fresh air very close to nature. there were a lot of activities to do, and the best part it were exclusive for our family, we enjoyed the beach and pool all to ourselves.

4th week of November  :
Reserved a tux for husband since we will be attending a wedding this December and he is one of the groom's men.

I paid for the Reunion Fee this is a Alumni Homecoming for year 1995 of Philippine College of Technological Resources also knows now as St. Louise College in Valenzuela.

Booked a Hotel for our Baguio Trip.

December will be a lot busier, and this is making Christmas more worthwhile and exciting, the preparation is exhausting but this is all for the kids and making their Christmas memorable.

Happy December 2015!!!


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