Product Review : Downy Romance Perfume

I just got the free sample from Downy Romance Perfume delivered from our doorstep.

First I want to thank Everyday Me, for giving us the chance to try their Romance Perfume variety, my househelp have tried it when she does our laundry and I must say that the scent really last long and as if you are wearing perfume in it, perfect for commuters like me, when all kinds of smoke, smell and sweating for all day activities and best for my kids who are really hard to maintain their fresh smell for the entire day while out in school.

I also have a perfect idea where I can use this aside from our clothes after rinsing. When we are doing our monthly general cleaning, and I run out of air freshener, what I did was I put it in a spray bottle and diluted it in a water then shake, I sprayed it in our curtains, carpets, Sofa cover and pillow cases, same with our room I sprayed it in our bed sheet and pillows  then our house smells like a five star hotel clean and scent smells first class.

Multi Purpose, ayt?!!


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