God's Message : Enjoy your Life To The Fullest

Since we only have one life to live we have the chance to enjoy our life to the fullest, but the big question is :

How will God wants us to live our Life?

- Live Joyfully and that is by managing our Physical Health

We can only live life to the fullest once we are capable of doing things we like and in connection with that if we are physically fit, we are always told not to abuse our body and with that we need to control and balance everything we eat and if you are still young make sure to take care of your body and health to continously do whaterever you passion is and serving the Lord without limit.

- Live your life Balanced.

My blog has always encourage to balance everything in life without exception.

God comes first in everything you do, as the famous saying goes "Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

Family is the purpose we work hard making them the last priority is not making any sense at all, be generous of your time, it is not all being the provider of the family it is all about that they will remember when they get old, it is the time spent with them that will matters the most.

Work is  the reason we have food on the table, but if God have another purpose for us we may not have the work to pay our bills, work is important and we should do our best to perform and be excellent in what we do at work and for all your achievement glorify God for his goodness.

Friends is a life outside your family and work, if you have not found the set of your friends where you can fit do not settle to any friends that will not make your life better, you should have friends to help improve "you" and likewise.

Myself needs a break after everything that makes you occupied and with that just a quiet time reading alone, pampering your self of a weekly beauty time and massage will be a big help to rejuvenate and redune your stress level.  Empowering your relationship to God while alone is the best time.

- Depart your life from Hatred and Envy

Do not compare yourself to other people's life for that will only make you miserable and this is where discontment kicks in and you long for more in your life which is not designed for you. Be content with you have in your life because God make us unique with unique life to live.

Have a happy and peaceful life, we only got one to live so live it to the fullest!!


  1. Nice post sis. True in deed God wants us to enjoy life to the fullest but we should not forget to serve the One who give us this life. Having God at center of our lives means good life.

    1. awww.. sis thank you for dropping by sa blog ko. Hope you were inspired!! hehe


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