2016 : Philippines 16th President

I have always been very vocal in supporting our dearest Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, from Day 1 when he declared his candidacy.  I admit last day of filing of COC I was a bit disappointed as I am expecting to show up but many thanks to Sir Martin Dino for filing COC on his behalf and now we have Duterte as our President Elect.

I have to admit as well that if I am not a Dabawenya, I do not know how Mayor Duterte that well, if we are back in the era where there is no social media and all information must be relied upon media reports. My vote goes to Mar Roxas, as he is the most build up candidate among the 5 (as for my personal observation). Just my two cents Mar Roxas just had a bad timing of all time. As I have thought as well that Dick Gordon should have won 2010 Presidential Election if facebook that time was most used for campaigning and not Noynoy Aquino.

There are friendship and families that were broken because of different political views. Unfriend and Unfollow is the most trending part of this election. As for me I respect their views I just do not accept that in order to get votes they have to throw black propaganda to other candidates instead of showing off what their candidate have done and can do.

Well, we have our 16th President of the Philippines and that is our Mayor Duterte, the Mayor I grew up with since 1988 and Davao City as the biggest city in the Philippines and best known as the most discipline and safest city too. I encourage you to visit and find out yourself.

The key is that change must start in ourself, and we should not depend good governance if the citizen do not adapt to good changes and obey to simple rules.  We must set our mind and our self to a more discipline Philippines and it must start within us!

God Bless the Philippines!!!


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