Restaurant Review : Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet

It is my big sister's birthday and so I decided to give her a treat together with our mom and dad for our monthly bonding and meet up, I am looking for a Korean buffet that is strategically located in Las Pinas and Cavite, just because my sister is a professor in Las Pinas. I chanced upon Sigsaga Yakinuku Buffet this is located in BF Resort Las Pinas, so I made a reservation for a dinner buffet and bonding with my family, we were booked the one located in Lalaine Benette Street since this is still not fully booked, they have two branches both located in BF Resort.

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We were there at exactly 6PM, we right away started to feast in the Korean dishes available, I do not like the california maki served since it's too dry not enticing at all, their chapchae seems dry too but since we were too hungry I was able to eat full plate, buttered potato balls with sesame seed also a bit dry, what we enjoyed the most was griling the meat, bacon with cheese and we ate it together with the lettuce.  This is much healthier since we love veggies and meat together.

What we do not like is the ventalation of the place, when cooking the korean teriyaki meat it is so hot and the table is not that spacious. They should improve their restaurant's ventilation since my dad need to go outside because of the smoke.

I asked my sister and parents if they enjoyed the treat and they said it is really better to try something different at times, we stayed there until 9PM, our tummy is happy upon leaving the place and my sister celebrated her birthday in advance satisfied.

My verdict, I love Korean dishes and there will be chances that I we might not go back to the restaurant again, since I would really love eating comfortably and chillin'.

31 Lalaine Bennett Street, BF Resort Village, Talon, Las Piñas City

Ground Floor, One Princeway Building, BF Resort Drive, Talon, Las Piñas City

You may call them for reservation:

02 218 9589


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