2018 : Valentine's Day Celebration

We celebrated Heart's day one day in advance intentionally so to avoid long queue we were supposed to go to Tagaytay but we wanted to celebrate it with just dining out and sipping coffee, like other aging couple would like to do, and yes we are aging!! haha

We chose to have our lunch date in Burgoo, we did not regret choosing the resto, the serving were hefty and we even had out take since we ordered more than what we can eat underestimating their serving, but we were wrong.  We left the resto smiling and bloated.

We just roam around the mall and went inside Worship Generation stall selling inspirational bible quotes in their merchandise hubby bought sticker and the staff offered us to join in their contest which we need to post cheesy pose in the instagram with the hashtag #MakeWorshipALifestyle #WorshipGeneration then we pose the most natural couple that we are..

We then went to our next stop, J.CO Donut to sip some hot tea and munch some sweet..we took our time just talking, laughing, planning and teasing until sun down.

Definitely our simple date was worth remembering and special since we were just ourself and going back to the basics, communication and laughter.

How did you celebrate your Heart's Day?


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