2013 : Annual Dinner - My Runaway, My Trend

 We had our Company Annual Dinner with the Fashion Trend Theme "My Runaway, My Trend" which was held at World Trade Center last 23rd of January 2013. Our event hosts were Mocha Uson from Mocha Girls and Kim Dinasour.

We had a buffet, set of food cuisin was great and as well as the dessert, but what excite us more were the prices but unfortunately did not get any of the minor or the major prices that were drawn.

However, our shareholders and big bosses were generous enough to share their blessing to us that all employees will share equally regardless of the position and tenureship...(will not state the amount here...LOL)

Overall the party was great even I was 7month pregnant I was still able to enjoy the party, hearing all the good news from our bosses!!!

Xie xie to our bosess!


  1. Wish i was there.. First time to miss this event. :(
    You look good on your dress sis. Pretty preggy. :)

  2. Thank you sis!!ok lang enjoy ka naman sa out of the country trip nyo!hihi..See you, I miss you na sis!


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