Food Review : ChicBoy (Very Bad exprience!)

The photo serving in the website menu

I was too very dissapointed with the ChicBoy serving.

To start, we had Sisig, single order and oh!boy was it like a prank or something, if it was it will be a hit! The serving was half of the original amount and generousity was not in their vocubalary.

We also had the meal with Chicken, Liempo. Kangkong and Rice.  The chicken was so skinny and we have to ask for a replacement since it was waaaay to different from the picture on their menu, they replaced it with equally skinny as the first one so we decided to stop and just accept that was our fate.. on the other hand the Liempo was also disappointing it was not the amount of how it was in the picture, Kangkong was the still okay (hey! how much is kangkong anyway?)

We talked to the store manager to be fair, we asked if there were any change of management since it was totally different experience, we are choosing ChicBoy over any other fast food since they have generous serving.  The Store Manager replied that there was no change of management but the commisary is already delivering it by portion and this what they get from them to serve the customer. We warned them that due to this changes there might be alot of customers who will not be going back to them but will not even inform them. I suggested that if this is the case, they need to change and replace the picture in their menu board according to the updated serving amount to stop misleading customers, and not expect same serving as before with the same price.

My Verdict : Too bad but this will be the last time that we are going to dine in ChicBoy. Value for money is sure a waste. They are cheating customers with the serving against the pictures in their menu board. They can even close their branches if they are not earning enough than to cheat their customer face to face. I am not interested with their unlimited rice if their food serving won't even be enough with one rice serving..

Never been eaten we just mixed it!

This is the actual serving!


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