Beauty in a Budget : Beyond the Real Face Mask

One of our church mates went to Korea and got this for our pasalubong, very timely I think I needed this refreshing beauty time in an instant that day, so I opened the beauty masks to try, this is while organizing our cabinet (perks of home remedy beauty masks), I am doing my DIY beautification while I am still doing household chores, not to mention taking care of my youngest who happens to be pointing on my face every once in while, it proves below the picture thos little finger on my face (so adorable!)

Beyond Real with Raspberry Flavor, while the masks is on, it was refreshing, how to apply:

Wash Face
Dry with clean towel
Put in the mask 

Advisable to put this mask while inside a cold place because if not your this mask if mix with your sweat will make it irritable, I am telling you!!! (first hand experience)
Anyway, after removing the mask at least I felt my skin become supple and hydrated.

Try a home beauty remedy for mom like us that wants to do multi tasking!


  1. Face masks makes gives our face an extra glow the next day after the night we used it :D
    It feels refreshing after we removed the face mask noh, some people sleep with their face mask on - para daw mas maabsorb ng face :)

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    2. true sis, it feels good our skin to be hydrated after all the pollution it went through the whole day!!

  2. I am a face mask (sheets, clay) fan too! Haven't tried putting it on during daytime as I only use it before I hit the sack.

    1. Yes sis, me too I am a new fan of face masks feels refreshing!!


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