Restaurant Review : Hap Chan

One Sunday, it was after church and we were all ready to pig out, we searched for a nice restaurant where we can treat our kids after their long week in school, since it was Sunday lines are long in almost of the fast food chain and other restaurant and since we want to just sit back and wants a more relaxed ambiance, and there was Hap Chan.

I am not a fan of Chinese food  but I love them occasionally. The food choices that we ordered was of different kind it was the first time we will be eating here so we have no idea. We ordered Wanton Noodles, Crispy Fried Chicken,  Yang Chow Fried Rice, and Pork Platter (the only food picture we had).

The taste of the food were a bit blunt, the food serving were not about right for the price but surprisingly we left the place full we were total 8 when we dine in but we almost did not finish the rice.  Well my verdict, my Filipino taste buds was over judging the Chinese cuisine but if you are a Chinese food cuisine lover then this is definitely the place for you!!

For more details menu may check the link :

Photo grabbed from their website

why are we able to took picture of this but not the food!!!

Pork Platter

My eldest


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