Election 2016 : Filipinos who will you vote?

I am rooting for only one Presedentiable and that is no other than Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.  I can mention few reasons of my own.

1. He is the kind of leader we all need.

It is obvious that all his oppopent have a respect in him because that how he is, he can gain respect without asking for it.
Senator Miram Defensor Santiago, Vice President Jojo Binay, Senator Grace Poe have high respect to him, I did not include Secretary Mar Roxas but just the fact that he awarded him the certificate of good governance in Davao City  for the year 2015, I know he respected Digong leadership.

The question Digong asked to Grace Poe is meant to test her on what kind of leader she will be, abrupt decision making is needed in time of crisis, because Presidents makes decision do not appoint people who will make a decision.

2. I have 3 daughters.

I want Philippines to be the place where it is safe to live and conducive for children, he is vocal in saying he can clean it up 3 to 6 months I want to believe in those promises and not other promises to continue the path where we are at now, I am no longer interested for another 6 years, I want months..

3. He is for Public Service.

I watched debates round 1 and 2 respectively, while Mar Roxas and Binay busy boasting what they have done with their terms, as for Davao City Mayor Duterte he emphasize what he can do and not what he had done, therefore this means that what he had done during his terms we do not owe it to him, it is pure public service, just the fact that the project of Mayor in Davao City do not have his name on it, I think on this I need not to say more!

4. Humble

For a candidate holding the highest position in our country to say sorry in a debate, this is a minus point to most of the Filipinos but for almost 6 years I have not heard that word from our recent President, and this is so new to me again and this means he is different from our present. I am loving it!

Ask for the platforms, he will copy it from all other candidates all the good platforms and he will provide leadership, simple but yet possible!

5. I was born and raised in Davao City.

I know this does not even count, but being a Dabawenyo myself, I am proud of what my city has become. I want to test if this will also be possible with the whole Philippines.

Makati are they rooting for Binay?
Capiz/Cubao are they rooting for Roxas?
American Citizens definitely can not vote for Poe, I don't want to ask about it.
Iloilo City are they rooting for Miriam Santiago?

One thing is for sure Dabawenyos are all rooting for Duterte.

So Filipinos, who are you voting?


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