Food Review : S&R New York Style Pizza

My sister and I had our usual bonding, we chose to eat in Festival Mall, it was a long due pig out in S&R since branches are still rare. There were long lines that time, when we were at the counter I saw  bundle meal that is good for 4, but wait we were just 2, but that does not stop us from ordering this bundle that is only good until 31st of March. We added French Fries and Churros with Bavarian Filling for side dish and dessert.

All in all we had a whole box of pizza, we enjoyed it square cut,  6pcs of chicken, we requested it to be in big parts, 4 Iced Tea, Fries and Churros, we were supposed to order burger but I let my sister realize that this meal is just for two, but I told her to order for an extra rice (I do not eat rice just for her) but she refuse.  So we already eating, enjoying the food and hubby called asking where I am so I told him to go fetch me in Festival Mall so he could also dine with us since we ordered too much food for just two of us, when he arrived the food is still too much so we took it home.

For it's servings you will really notice that it is an American servings their large drinks are really huge (I remember the old McDonald's large softdrinks cup when I was still working as a crew way back 1997). The pizza was so good, I love the crust not too thick and not too thin, the toppings are so tasteful. I am going definitely going back, I am such a big fan pizza. Their churros is not the best in town, but still ok though.

This is another option for our picnic food or party food menu!!


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