Travel and Adventures : Baguio Trip 2016


For 3 years now, every December we have been consistently going to Baguio for a family road trip and the not so far-not-so-close get away by land, but we make sure not to travel in Baguio during holidays, we do not want to stress our self with heavy traffic, and every tourist spot are really crowded, it is so hard to relax when you know you have to fall in line just to eat or bear the heavy traffic just to go places.  This year we went there on a weekday, this decision really made a difference.  All roads were not that busy, we had fun in every stop overs and the crowd were managable!

Let me share to your 3 Days Itinerary When in Baguio:

3:00 AM - Departed from Cavite
9:00 AM - Arrived in Baguio
9:30 AM - Breafast Picnic in Burnham (While waiting for our Hotel Room to be prepared)
12:00 PM - Check in at our Hotel
2:00 PM  - We headed to Camp John Hay for mirienda picnic and unlimited photo ops
6:00 PM - Dinner at Good Taste
9:00 PM - We went back to the hotel to rest
10:00 PM - We went out to Night Market

2nd day:
7:00 AM  - Breafast picnic at Camp John Hay
10:00 AM - Strawberry Fields at La Trinidad
12:00 PM - Lunch at Ketchup Food Community at Ranchos
2:00 PM Mines View Park, Ibay at Good Shepherd
3:00 PM- unlimited photo ops
6:00 PM Dinner at Central Park Restaurant
8:00 PM - Stayed in Burnham Park
9:00 PM - Back to the Hotel

3rd day
8:00 AM Breafast at Good Taste
10:00 AM Back to the hotel ready to check out
11:00 AM Market to buy veggies while kids are playing in Burnham Park (Bike ride and playground)
2:00 PM - Depart Baguio

When we left it was already the start of heavy traffic, since it was already the start of Christmas Eve.

I wanted to share the list of prices of the vegetables in Baguio market, and oh!boy it was really fun hoarding veggies compared their prices here in Manila!

Potato - 70p per kilo
Onion - 60p per kilo
Carrots - 70p per kilo
Garlic - 150p per kilo
Siling Green - 100 per kilo (I will cook Dynamite kasi haha)
Sayote 25p per kilo

We had fun, we tag my parents in law along and they commented that for all the times they were back and forth in Baguio this is the most fun trip they ever had, plus it was so convenient having their senior citizen benefit that we have to skip the long lines when in Good Taste Restaurant! tee hee!


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