Papa Jack of 90.7 Resigned

I have been a radio fanatic, I do not have playlists in my phone since I don't want to get outdated with the latest songs, my favorite DJs are as follows :

1. Mellow 94.7 Jocks : Morning Dj and Afternoon Cruise Princess
DJ Chloe
DJ Ingrid

>both are already resigned so I have not really listened to Mellow since then.

2. Play 99.5 :
DJ Mandy

She is my husband's cousin not only that she really play songs of the millennials like it is my thing, so I got hooked.

3. Tambalan Nicolehyala and Christuper : every 8:00AM and 9:00AM until 12NN in Metro Manila
I love their duo comedy and spontaneity of their tandem, I do not want to miss their episode and even listen to their replays via you tube if I miss their slots.

4. Papa Jack : TLC True Love Conversation (9PM-12AM)
I have a feeling that Papa Jack and me have the same wave lenght, I have been listening to him since 2008, when I am on night shift or when I have to travel home during late nights I listen to him.  I also get to see his wife or ex-wife since she work with the sister company where I work.

When Love Radio station gave 2 week vacation for voice rest, like what I have heard from Tambalan that they say their last live airing for the year 2016, this is not new to me. Last 17th of December was a bit different, it was Friday and every Friday Papa Jack join force with the DJ with angelic voice -  DJ Karinyosa, I feel that there is something that he is about to announce, and after midnight he wave goodbye to this time slot and him being a DJ in Love Radio.  He already resigned as DJ as what I conclude as he cried after reading the song "Handog", I almost cried. I was apalled by the news and I do not know who to listen to just keep me away from boredom during my shifts and while on traffic.

Flashback 2016

Early month of 2016, where Papa Jack was off the air and played nothing but replay during his scheduled time, that was the time that their tandem with Chico Loco (Yes FM DJ) every Friday night was disbanded, the two jocks wa off air for a month and come April he was back but Chico Loco resigned.

After a brainstorming of the Love Radio DJ and staff, Tambalan announced that they are no longer allowed to take guests  during their air time, or there has been some changes with how they air their endorsements it is just so happens that Papa Jack every Friday found a replacement for Chico Loco every day from DJ Kara Karinyosa angelic voice, this also means that their tandem has to be disbanded.

I feel that his was also  the reason that he needs to leave the radio station since he can not let this full potential out due to limitations and set rules, as he admitted that he can not cope with the sudden changes of rules and if he have to do it his way, he do not want to leave.

9PM-12MN every weekdays will never be the same again.


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