Dunsulan Falls - Pilar Bataan

We wanted to let our kids experience Falls for the first time, we are not mountain hikers so we could not really get the chance for them to see falls, so when I learned that near Mt. Samat just 30 minutes away, there is a falls that we can visit, I told my husband to include this in our itinerary, and so after Mt. Samat trip we headed to Dunsulan Falls.

There is an entrance fee of 50php per head, my 10 and 4 year old are free, this fee is regardless if you are going to swim or not, tables are also with fee of 50php, but we were not charged for it. There is also one activity that they offer like Tree Hopping.

Do not expect much with the beauty of the falls as this is just a small fall, it is a very easy access, may visit it via car or tricycle at around 300php no need of too much hiking.  However, you might get a bit disappointed with how the place get maintained, going down the falls is a bit risky, rocks are to slippery, while there are stagnant water that is already growing mosquitoes in it, there are garbage everywhere, and when I was able to settle at the river, I can barely move since there are a lot of stones around it, if I have to move around I need to use both of my hands and feet, or this is just me?!!

On the other hand my eldest daughter and our house angel took the opportunity to take photos, it is not every day you get to see a falls.

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However, as I stood integrity in my blog, I am not gonna lie to you, my photo below will have to speak for me..

Well, the experience we had here is just unforgettable, we had fun so many first happened for our family, so going here is still worth it!

If you want to take photo or see falls without hiking, I recommend Dunsulan Falls!!


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