Travel: Changi Airport and Nando's Peri Peri Chicken

We went early in Changi Airport just because we do not want to miss our flight and also we want to roam around Changi Airport, the known world's beautiful airport awardee.

As we get inside Changi Airport Termina 2 we checked in our bags and was able to complete the process fast, as we did it via e-check in at the PC available in the airport, it's a DIY check in baggage process so it is a new learning for us, as a matter of fact we can pass being an airport staff by this process on our own. teehee

Our flight is still at 5:30PM, but we were in Changi, Airport as early as 11AM, after securing our checked in bags then we headed for lunch in Nando's Peri Peri Chicken, love their food it is an Indian Cuisine, and we love how their sauce make their dishes more tasty since it is spicy, love them!!!

We ordered Boneless Chicken Breast, Peri Peri Chicken and Full Platter this comes with side dishes and we ordered bottomless drinks, all meat are very tender!!

We already went inside the aiport and since we had some shopping while in Singapore, we went to process Goods and Services Tax Refund, husband was the one who fall in line, we were eligible worth 22SGD not bad.  Refer to the photos below of the steps on how to do GST Refund in Changi Airport, fast and easy.

Changi Airport is known to have a make shift forest inside all instgram-worthy photos

We were in Changi, Airport early but with the view and scenery and how comfortable the airport was you really can never notice time.  We bought more chocolates, then proceeded to check in and waited for our flight which by they way was on time.

Good bye Singapore, see you next time. I have been to Hongkong and Thailand but Singapore takes the cake!!!


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