Travel : 3 Days in Taiwan

Upon arriving in Taiwan and settled in our hotel hubby and I immediately went to Taipei 101 to check the most famous tourist spot in Taipei, when we were there we took photos and wander the place, really feels we are out of the Philippines, transportation is easy breezy, people are disciplined, plus they are aproachable.

We headed to one of the many night markets in Taipei - Raohe Night Market by cab, it was so easy to get to your location with the help of google maps plus their data internet are really high speed, and their cab drivers are honest too!

Hubby and I are tired to go through the stalls and tried to drag our feet to do some shopping, our mind say yes but our body is saying no, sign of old age eh!

We headed back to our hotel to do some recharging getting ready for our busy Taiwndering for our 2nd day!

We had the breakfast buffet from our hotel, have our body and tummy ready for the whole day ahead.  We went to Maokong Gondola, for our second day we want to explore what's in Taipei so going to another city would be on our next visit in Taiwan.

Transportation to Maokong Gondola is so easy just follow the color coded train that is also stated in their tourist map that is readily available on the hotel lobby for their guests.

We were in Maokong Gondola just 30minutes since there were no traffic at all, hubby and I even think that their are low in population since there are really minimal crowd in areas we visited.

Maokong Gondola as publlished in Wikipedia is a gondola lift transportation system in Taipei, Taiwan. Opened on 4 July 2007, the Maokong Gondola operates between Taipei Zoo and Maokong. The 4.3 km (2.7 mi) line has four stations.

The experience was so romantic and we are able to enjoy the Taipei view from the top.  We stop over at Maokong just to relax and sip some frappe, instead of enjoying the view we opted to stay inside an airconditioned room just to rest our feet and chill, while planning on our next destination.

Our next stop is another famous night market to have our dinner and do some shopping, we went to Shilin Night Market this is accesible via MTR.

We went back to our hotel for another fun filled 3rd day in the city!

On our 3rd day we really do not have any fix plan as where to go so we checked the map and the Hot Spring in Beitou interest me, we went out from our hotel at 12NN since the place is far from the city we did not expect we will arrive our destination after 30minutes with no traffic, efficient train and map with detailed instruction we spent were there early than expected.

We explore the place and eat and eat, relax, chill mode and just feel the out of the country vibe, took a lot of photos. We wanted to go back to Shilin Night Market since we wanted to shop for more souvenirs and for our selves so we were there around 4PM. this shows to prove that with an efficient traffic system, you can be at many places in one day.

Shilin market is by far my most favorite night market place we were able to buy shoes and souvenirs plus they have s lot of food choices, you will never run out of things to do!

We went back to our hotel to cap off the day, to get ready for our flight the next morning!

Taiwan is my most favorite Asia's country with our great experience definitely we are going back with our kids!


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