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It is part of my husband 40th celebration, we booked a one night stay in Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm & Resort, this was recommended to my husband since we have not been in Caliraya and it is just a 2hour drive away from our place, then we we tried!

We used google map to assist us with the routes going to our location.  The road path going to Caliraya seem similar with Baguio but it was just short, and roads are smooth.  We were not lost since there was a big signage towards the entrance to the resort.

When we entered the place we were just 2 guests occupying the entire place which is good since we have the place all to our selves since the other guest were there just for fishing (yes fishing is free just for as long as you have your own fishing rod, but if you do not have then you can rent for 200PHP)

Joseph, assisted us and showed us to our room, where there were 4 single beds just enough for all of us, all rooms offered a pool and farm view with hammock in the terrace, surely you will be able to disconnect from the world and just reconnect with nature once and for all!

We immediately liked the place, prepared our selve for a dip in the pool, we had our lunch at the poolside. The weather was cold since we are in a forest so my kids and husband brave the cold water in the pool while I just sit and watch them since I have bad foot cramps whenever I am in a cold water plus cold wind.

We had our family bonding, played UNO cards, we brought our badminton rackets and shuttlecock but the wind won't allow us to play during that day.

Around 6PM we headed to their restaurant and advanced order our meal for dinner.  We ordered:
Sotanghon Soup
Fried chicken
Pancit Bihon
Pork Steak

We were told that they would just have to knock in our room once the order is ready.

What I liked about the resort, is that they have TV inside the room and if you want to watch movie then they offer USB wherein they will download the movies of your choice from the movie list they provided. While waiting for them we watched Parent Trap.

Their food are generous in serving.  It was all good for 2-3 persons, and it was more than enough for us 6.

We should be playing billiard that time but there were guest renting it so we opted going back to our room finished movies : The Greatest Showman, and The Darkest Mind, both movie are remarkable!

The next day we should be going to the fishing lake to take photos, and roam around the farm then take a quick dip to the pool but the weather was windy and scattered rainshowers so we just had our breakfast : Tocino, Egg and Fried Rice, it was the right choice I loved it! except for the rice since I do not eat rice..

We went back to our room because of the weather and watched Ferdinand, very funny and touching animated movie!!

We are prepared to checked out with promise to our selve that we are definitely going back!!!

Website :
Location : Caliraya Ecoville Location: Lumban - Caliraya - Cavinti Rd, Cavinti, Laguna


  1. Hello! Did you get the chance to check their eco huts out? How do they look like? Also is there a mobile signal within the area? Thank you!

    1. May signal naman pero malakas sa canteen nila. Eco Huts are not available if there are rain showers.

  2. May signal po ba sa ecoville? May kuryente po ba pag gabi?

    1. May signal sa room pero mas malakas sa canteen area nila

  3. Hello, do they accept credit card when ordering food? or puro cash lang?

    1. They accept cash lang but their food are super affordable.


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