Health and Fitness : 10th year No Rice, No Softdrinks and No Coffee

This 2019,  I am celebrating my 10th year of No Rice, No Softdrinks and No Coffee.

I have this drastic decision to no longer include rice in my daily diet meal since I really can not control eating less rice so might as well totally remove it!

When we had our Annual Dinner last 2009, after all those photos being uploaded in Friendster, I look at my photos and it is not so me.  I know in my heart that I can have a more comfortable body since truly I have the control over it, I removed all the food and drinks that I consume at lot in a day.

First is rice, if you have an idea how plentiful the NorthPark Yang chow serving then I can finish it all by myself, eating rice with just one cup is a torture for me I would rather not eat rice at all, so I did!
At first I put a limit that I will just have to adjust no rice diet good for 2 weeks, the hardest part of all.

I only eat Skyflakes, fruits, oatmeal with no sugar, take all the fatty oily food in my diet. To the point when my family eat out, I just have to bring the green tea bag that I would be drinking while they enjoy  their fast food meal.

After that I know I drink a lot of Softdrinks,then I said goodbye to any kind of soda, but before totally removing it from my system I finshed 1.5 liter just for a final goodbye!!

Since  then I have never been so eager drinking softdrinks and I rather drink water than soda!

3rd is coffee, in my whole 9 hour work shift I can drink 3 mugs of coffee, yes because it is free but also I am a bit of addicted to the caffeine, so I aprubtly I changed coffee to green tea! A very nice move!

My weight slowly but surely dropped down fro, 128lbs to 117lbs. It even went down to 108lbs the lowest I can get.

Right now after 10years since I am older I got plateau in my weight but the good thing about it is that my curves is still visible.  I suspect it is hard to get curves when you hit 40! and I also suspect that ric, softdrinks are the culprit to stubborn fats.

When you have kids (I have 3 kids) and you do not do the hard core work out,  getting body goals is really  far from the reality! At least removing rice and softdrinks helped a lot not for me to get thin but at least not to get fat that easily!


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