Thailand Day 2 - Royal Grand Palace, Emerald Budha Temple, Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo and MBK

We had our buffet breakfast at the hotel, there were a lot of food choices to choose from, best to start the day with heavy and full breakfast.

We went to Royal Grand Palace, you need to wear skirt that is at least within or below the knee, jeans is acceptable, shirt with sleeves but should not be folded, shoes or sandals with stap. Thailand weather is so hot, I went there wearing shorts but I brought Malong with me for cover.

We entered the Emerald Budha Temple, it is sacred to Thailand natives so no shoes allowed inside the temple, there is like a wishing jar that you need to buy a flower of some kind, do not know the exact name then soak it in the jar of holy water and tap it to yourself or someone else then you can make a wish. The place is great and there's nothing like that here in the Philippines, it was a fresh and new experience.

After that, we went to Samphran Elephant and Ground zoo, we ate our lunch, food is nothing special but it was ok for me after the dehydrating tour in Golden Palace.

We straight went to the Crocodile show, it was so entertaining and they like scaring you and it was the best part..

After the crocodile show, we went to Magic show it was also fun, it brings out the hear of a child in me, I was laughing all the time, the magicians are not talking but they were funny and I find them both cute..really a performers.

Then right after that we watched the Elephant show it was like Thailand history of why elephant are special to them, I just can't help but noticed that elephant do not follow the skit are punished and I can hear them cry, and it breaks my heart and for me it was truly breaking the animal rights, the show was not that entertaining for me since I am disturbed everytime I catch them punish the elephant if they are not following the right steps.

When we were done, we bought tshirt at one of the souvenirs shop cute Thailand tshirt for only 120 THB. We went to the bus again, from the onset of the tour, our tourist guide already warned us that traffic in Bangkok is really terrible, so when we agreed that they will drop us at MBK to go for a more serious shopping, and we will just have to back to our hotel by ourselves we were told to use sky train instead of getting a cab.

When we were at MBK there were so much to buy but the time is so short to tour and check the best stuff inside MBK, we need to rush since we do have our dinner show at Siam Niramit come 6:30PM. In MBK I was able to tshirts, bag, souvenirs etc...

At 5:45 PM we rushed to our Hotel via Skytrain, unfortunately we were lost, we rode a different train going against our destination, so we need to go out of the train and went down the stairs and ride another train and unfortunately wrong train again, so we asked for someone who can fluently speaks and understands english, and noticed that if you are to ask students they are more well trained to talk in english and converse with tourist, at last correct train to our destination.

We need to walk a few meters to our hotel but we did not walk we ran, only to find out that the bus already left to Siam Niramit show, good thing our HR Manager also who came from MBK was also late, and we decided to commute going to Siam Niramit still via sky train, however when we arrived there the buffet dinner were no longer there so we just watched the show, it was entertaining and I can see and feel the effort of the stage actors to give us a good show.

When we asked them how was the buffet dinner food at Siam Niramit, they all gave a negative feedback which compensate my regrets of not trying out their food.

So we went back to our hotel now more relaxed since we are already in our tour bus, and we decided to buy food for dinner at the street food.

Since the night is still young, we did not miss to again check BKK night life.


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