Fresh Buffert @ Solaire Resorts and Casino

My workmates and I ate to celebrate year end at Fresh at Solaire Resorts and Casino. Took a photo of the buffet dishes they offered as shown below.   Need not to say more, just looking at the pictures it really says everything how we feel that night, super duper uber full and bloated. The dishes was good, worth the 2,000+ php price per head.

It was too bad that my allergy attacked after eating Shrimp, telling myself eating 3pcs of Shrimp may not hurt at all, but ends up I was itching having red lumps all over my skin that same night. I only get this lumps and itchiness when I eat seafood that are not fresh.

I advise when you are allergic to seafoods and try to taste their seafood dishes ask them first if it is fresh or take medicines with you to stop it on the onset.

Enjoy the food porn!!

Cheers to 2014!!!!


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