Smart Bro Canopy

We live in Cavite, and for the last two years we are subscribed in Smart Bro as our internet connection, it is just ok, and it never exceeded our expecation. Just this October 2013 on our 2nd year of using the the service, we decided to renew our contract as part of their loyalty award they gave us a discount of at around 119php from our original 999plan, we are just paying the service for 881php (at around that amount not the exact one since I am not getting my bill regularly) monthly after renewing our contract last October 2013. 

Then we noticed during the FIBA Asia Game that was held in Smart Araneta our Smart connection become unstable and that keeps going until the Yolanda Super Typhoon strucks us in Cavite until present.

On the other hand, my husband has his Smart LTE device (company owned) since he needed an internet connection anywhere and even the said device as written in their advertisement of the fastest connection is not getting the full signal which is 4G anywhere in our subdivision.  We therefore conclude that there is really something wrong with Smart Internet connection, when we called their Tech Support they told us that they are having this "configuration" on going, unfortunately we are not told about it.  I am now really decided to change our service provider and I am torn between getting the Sun Postpaid plan that comes with the Samsung tablet and samsung phone plus wifi hotspot for also 999p per month, but I am still unsure whether we will be getting a faster service compared to Smart Bor or we might get another headache or either purchase a pocket wifi device with open line so instead of being locked in a period of contract I can just switch the service provider on our own convenience, our own time.

I will do my research then will update what will be the better option for me, that might work with you as well.


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