Book Review : Archie and Jughead Comics

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Who does not read Archie comics?... for 90's kids this has been one of the popular comics collection, and I for one, even have to rent and shell out from my allowance when I was in college for an Archie (well I am more of a Forsythe "Jughead" fanatic) comics per day, in one of the books/comics for rent near our University.

When I got to have a work, I bought comics and every Christmas this is always in my wishlist, and now from the pile of old books that was stock for a long time, I once again put them out to be read for the nth time, well, it does not surprise me that I do not remember the stories of each of the comics, well it does not I am forgetful.  I would like to embibe the value of reading books to my kids, start them off with a pleasant and funny comics then upgrade them with novels as the time goes by, I just want them to learn that there are advantages in reading.


  1. I have a lot of these! Yun nga lang nung bata ako ang hilig kong gupit gupitin eh ang mahal pala nyan! Ha Ha Ha!


    1. Oh! yes mahal ito at ni rerent ko pa, sayang naman sis ginupit mo lang..haha


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