Recipe : No Bake Brownies

I tried making a no bake brownies, and oh! boy all I get was compliments from my kids and husband and requested for another batch of no bake brownies asap!  Well, there was still something need to improve with my brownies but it was a success all in all.

Ingredients :

Easy Melt Chocolate Buttons  (89php)
Crushed Graham Crackers       (33php)
Condensed Milk                       (39php)
Butter                                        (available in our pantry)
Crushed Cookies (for flavor, however this is optional)  (available in our pantry)


How to prepare :

1, In a medium heat, combine the milk, butter and chocolate buttons in a pot until it boil.

2. Remove the mixture and put in a bowl then mix in the crushed graham crackers. Do not put all the crushed graham as it will over power the taste of the chocolate.

3. Pour in the crushed cookies (or peanuts/marshmallows) to add in flavor

4. Put in a square container and wait until to cool down, and slice it to your preferred shape!!

5. Serve and Enjoy

Mix the ingridients

No picture of sliced brownies, they ate it all after I can take a photo of it!!

Total Expense : 161 php for a delightful dessert of brownies!!!

Tip :

** You can also use evaporated milk then just add sugar so the consistency is much softer compared to a condensed milk
** Do not refrigerate since it will be too hard it and it will not taste like a brownies any longer but more of a graham ball
** Do not use to many graham crackers in it,


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