Restaurant Review : Pizza Hut

It's been a long time since we dine in again at Pizza Hut since from the time they shoot up their prices, I knew for a fact that the food they offer it is not going to be worth it, I should know since I worked with them as a service crew during the early part of year 2001-2003, and once upon a time, a customer asked for my contact number who happens to be my husband now,

Good News! Pizza Hut slashes down it's prices and now offer Family Meal deals once again! Now, we tried Pizza Hut experience yet again, after we came across the advertisement on the tarpulin that they have lower down their family meal price.  Funny, thing that they do not need to do hard core ads on tv but they can deliver the message very well by just promoting it using visual tarpulin around the metro and the mall, great ayt?!

We ordered the meal that comes with Family Pan Pizza, Mushroom Soup (4), Chicken (4 small cut pls),  Pasta (2)  Pitcher of drinks (flavors of your choice, from the variety of flavors they offer from the Family Meal Deals), this one is only at arpimd 699php

There are more deals to choose from,  depending on how many you are in a group,  The food is still as awesome as before, nothing has changed with the serving considering they lowered their price, Service is still superb!

Yes, this chicken is a bit malnoursied

We always leave the place satisfied and full.  Way to go Pizza Hut!


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